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Welcome to Parthweb.com . Its a Tech Blog covering from Android Tricks , Apple Tricks, Android Rooting , to Computer Tricks and Internet Tricks and also Blogging and SEO tutorials.

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” Parth Patel – Owner , Founder and Author”


Parth PatelI am Parth Patel – Tech Mind Behind this Blog from Bhalej , Gujarat. I am a tech geek, Blogger – write about  Android tips, root guide ,tech tips, internet and computer tricks, gadgets , and many more techy stuffs . I love  watching movies , reading stuffs online, music and Blogging .

 I started Parthweb on 6th April ‘2014 with my friend cum partner Mihir Patel .I love to share my knowledge so generally I help other Boggers to get success also .

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Email Id – [email protected]


Amazing Partner 

Mihir Patel – Co-Owner and Co-Invester DSC00035       

I am a tech lover and friend of Parth . I love to talk about android, and i have knowIedge of technology and softwares.

In January 2014 Parth came up with the idea of Parthweb and shared it to me . Then We decided to start it in vacations . Thus on 6th April Our site was live . I am basically a co-invester  and also timely author on this Blog.

I am managing another Blog too – Cinebindass.com


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