How to Download {*Subtitles} from Youtube Videos : Easy Guide


Subtitle is very important for non native speaker especially when they are watching movies other videos. It makes them understand the story and concept behind the video. Youtube is the most popular video sharing platform with largest user base which also supports subtitle in their videos.Many videos in youtube contains multiple subtitles making easy for readers with different accent to enjoy the video. Thus YouTube is people’s first choice for enjoying multi-language videos . There are many ways to download youtube videos and we have already explained Best downloader apps to Download Youtube Videos in Android . But normally Subtitles does not get downloaded along with videos thus many users asked for How to download Youtube Videos along with Subtitles. Thus Here I am explaining How to extract subtitles from youtube videos.


How to Download Subtitles from youtube Online

Lets talk about the online ways to download subtitles.

Step 1- Go to and Open the desired video of which you want to download subtitle.

Step 2- Now Copy the URL from the address bar of your browser. This is the address of your video.

Step 3-  Now Go to

Step 4- In the bar , enter the copied url of your video and click on Download . This will start searching and extracting your video from the youtube database.

Step 5- Immediately English version or original subtitle along with translated different versions will appear along with download Links. Now Click and Download. – Enjoy


youtube subtitle download online


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Download Youtube Subtitles Offline using Softwares

There are different tools and plugins which will help you to download subtitles from youtube. Here I will mention only 3 tools to download youtube subtitles.

2 Tools to Download Subtitles from Youtube

1) 4K Downloader : 

It is a computer application supported on Windows , Linux and Mac which is an excellent application to Download youtube videos along with subtitle.

Lets see how it works :

How to Download Youtube Videos along with subtitle using 4K Downloader

> First , Download and install the 4K Video Downloader  Software.

> Now go to youtube and open the video you want to download and then Copy the URL from the Address Bar.

> Now open 4k downloader software and click on Paste URL . There paste the copied URL from youtube.

> Another windows will pop up with information about the quality of video to be downloaded and subtitle option. Check the desired quality of video and don’t forget to check the subtitle option.

> Now Click on Download  option.

Hey!! Finished! Did you like this software?? Do share your views in comment section.

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2) Desktop App – Google2SRT

> This is very simple application in which you have to just enter the URL of youtube video and it will extract subtitle from it. Select web option, enter URL , select the desired location for subtitle to download , and click on GO button . Thats it!

Isn’t it easy??

Download Google2srt



Thus above were the best and most used tools to download subtitles from youtube videos. I hope now you don’t have any problem related to this topic. Also there are many other sources from where you can directly download subtitles if it is not available in youtube video. Soon I will be covering that also .Till then Stay Tuned with Parthweb

Feel free to comment here about your views , experiences and any problems or doubts you have. Do you know any other alternative to download subtitle?? Please comment below.

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