Thinking to Start a Blog ?? Read this Detailed Manual First


Ahaa ,You are thinking to start a new blog but you might be having certain doubts like ” Should I start A Blog” ,”How to Start a Blog”, ” What do I need to start a blog” .

First of All I congratulate you for taking the first important step in the world of blogging – i.e = Thinking Seriously About Blogging . You need to be mentally prepared for blogging to avail maximum profit from it .

You need to take care of certain things to avoid Mistakes which I had done .


Things to do Before Starting a Blog :


> Mental Preparation

First and most important step is you need to be mentally prepared before entering into Blogging World.

How you can be prepared mentally??

  • Blogging is not a one day task . It needs months of continuous Hard work to attain Great Success.
  • You need to write Content Daily so Be ready to sit infront of computer/laptop Daily
  • You need to be focused on your niche only . Changing niche frequently will have adverse effect on your blog’s performance.
  • Remember well that there is no scope for copied content or scraped content or spinned content . So Start blogging only If you are sure that you can write well or determined to write on your own. !!!
  • Decide your niche and your audience

Before starting your Blog , you need to find you feet i.e you need to find the niche(Topic) of your site about which you can write easily and regularly . Example : Technology , Movies, Health , Philosophy , SEO, Tutorials , Education etc . This will lead to audience selection too . Like Audience is different for different niche so your niche will decide your audience , their age , gender, location , mentality etc .

> Whats Your Blog Name !!!?

You also need a good blog name aka Brand name . Domain name should be such a way that It can be easily remembered and established as a Brand .

Guidelines to choose Good Domain for Blog

  • Use Keywords: Good Keyword describes what your blog about . It even help you to attain high position in Google Search Rankings
  • Easy to remember:A domain name should be easy to remember becuase your visitors will want to type in the domain name in the web browser for revisits and if they can’t remember the domain name then you run the risk of losing potential traffic.
  • Keep the domain name short:A domain name should be short with less than 10 characters.
  • Domain name extension:Try to get the “.com” Top Level Domain (TLD) extension as it is the most popular.

> Need to Select Right Platform

There are many platform for starting a Blog like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, weebly etc . You need to select the one which suits you best and fulfill your most of all requirements . According to one research , 43% of bloggers out there use WordPress, 35% use Blogger, and 16% use Tumblr, TypePad and/or Posterous.

best blogging platform
Which is best blogging platform

Let me tell you basic comparison between two most popular platforms :

  1. Blogger : It is operating since 1999 and owned by Google . It is the easiest platform to use and make your Blog . Though Features are limited and cannot be extended. But most of the requirements of a blogger are fulfilled by this service.
  2. WordPress : It is the best platform with many advanced feature . Self-Hosted WordPress is most flexible yet easy to use platform. Using it , You can build your website in whichever form you wish with the help of plugins available in ample amount.


Now you can start your own baby blog but even after starting blog , bloggers are making many silly mistakes which hampers their growth in blogging . I too made many mistakes due to which I failed to achieve success but I didnt have any mentor to guide . But YOU ARE LUCKY .

Mistakes to avoid in Blogging

blogging mistakes

#1 : No Regularity

The biggest mistake bloggers do is not having regularity in blogging . You must update content at regular interval . First off , make a good suitable schedule and then stick to it . There is no rule or limit for number of posts per day , no matter if you post either daily or once a month, stick with it.

#2 : Blogging just for the sake of Money

As I said earlier , “Blogging is not a magic wand to earn Money “

If your readers immediately see your blog as a way to get money, they will not continue reading it. Instead, you need to offer your readers something like solutions or advice if you want to keep them coming back.

You should be passionate about blogging rather I can say BE ADDICTED TO BLOGGING.

#3: Wasting time in Design

Generally Newbie bloggers spend much time in designing theme and outlook rather than content. Theme plays negligible role in traffic and Blog popularity. Quality content is more important as it binds the reader to fulfil their thrust of knowledge.

#4: Posting Low quality Content/Scraped content

Many newbies don’t know the value of unique and original content thus they easily copy other’s content. But due to this illegal act , they don’t get enough traffic and soon they get penalized by google .

Always remember that Quality Content is the most important base of Blogging. So Always Produce and post unique and original content. You can get the post ideas from other blogs but content should be yours.

#5: Stuffing their Blogs with lots of Ads very early

Many Bloggers (including me in early days) start using Ads in their blogs very Early. Monetization should be started only after getting high alexa rank and regular good traffic otherwise its useless plus visitors will get distracted and won’t visit your blog.

#6 Not Doing Search Engine Optimization

SEO is very important for Getting High Organic traffic in Blog. SEO is having two –parts :

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO

You also need to Learn How to do Search Engine Optimization . Stay connected with us to learn Latest SEO tactics

There are many probable mistakes Some Newbie bloggers are doing but lets sum up the article.

In a Nutshell

Always be consistent with your Blogging and never compromise with the quality of content. If you avoid this mistakes then I am sure you will succeed soon in blogging

If you need any help at any stage , you can easily contact me , I will be happy to help you.

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By the way ,

Best of Luck in Blogging



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